Certified teachers aren’t the only ones to work after school.  We have huge numbers of paraprofessionals, college students, youth leaders and church groups running and managing afterschool programs. Unfortunately, many of these professionals and volunteers don’t have the time nor the inclination to go to school and go through a certification process.   

However, as they spend so much time with kids, they must learn basic competencies in order to provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for all students.

Afterschool Guru is our afterschool solution.  We provide coaching, professional development, and many other support systems to help staff improve their basic skills and deepen their pedagogical knowledge to improve the service they provide to students and families.

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How We Support It

Professional Development

Workshops and Trainings

We have a wide array of workshops and trainings built around the core competencies for afterschool professionals.


Help You to Help Yourself

One on one or team coaching sessions to help your staff members maximize their potential. Empowering staff to find their own answers and build capacity.


Online and Virtual

Sign up for our 6-8 week courses. With synchronous and asynchronous offerings.

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Afterschool Guru Website

Please visit our website and learn about all of our afterschool offerings.

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& Trainings


Afterschool 101

The Basics

The very basics for afterschool and summer practitioners. Core competencies that every youth leader should know.

Social and Emotional

Head and Heart

Designed to give brand new and veteran staff members plenty of tools to create a safe and supportive afterschool environment for students.

Quality Program

Quality Improvement

Multiple workshops designed to help your staff members understand what is required to build a high quality afterschool program.


Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math

Multiple STEM focused workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of K-12 afterschool and summer professionals.

Added Value

At Afterschool Guru, we provide training to individuals and teams looking to strengthen their relationships with students, create safe and supportive environments, and expand students’ horizons through active and engaging academic and enrichment activities.

We supplement that training with several added value components.

Your Afterschool Solution