The Need for Change

New Growth
As we come out of the fog of the pandemic, the lockdown, and all of the damage contributed to this historical phenomenon, we now look to the future. It would be easy to swiftly fall back into the same old tropes and failed systems that were so glaringly exposed during the crisis, but I think we must do better.  To be an educator, a business owner, a principal, or even a parent, comes with tremendous responsibility.  Those in our charge look to us to provide for their basic needs holistically and through a 360 lens. But we must also take stock in what didn’t work, and now fix it. It reminds me of a dear friend who was bit of a trust fund baby, but actually used that privilege to go out into the world and learn about other cultures by living with them, working in their fields, learning their language and cooking their food.  The amazing thing was, that in that time he changed.  Once he saw what real waste was, and once he saw the blindness of privilege, he began to walk through every space with a new sense of his impact to every leaf and every person. he once said to me, ” once you know the impact of what you do to the world, you can’t unsee it, and are now responsible for doing better” That is how I feel about this tremendous opportunity to take what was broken and put it back together better.  How do we do this?  
  1. By being

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